Pullmantur Empress

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pullmantur empress

Venturing to Northern Europe and Russia has become a favoured cruise option of many recently. Drifting through the Norwegian Fjords with their unmatched natural beauty or diverting to the architectural wonders of St. Petersburg, a cruise to Scandinavia will usually take in Russia as well and from here the rest of Europe such as France and Germany are easily accessible.

Pullmantur cruises have been expanding their itinerary in recent years and the Empress cruise ship now departs for these shores in Northern Europe and Russia.

The ship is one that transferred over to Pullmantur in 2008 when it was taken under the wing of Royal Caribbean and has been in operation since 1990. The ship underwent massive renovations in 2004 which further enhanced its already popular reputation and brought a sense of modernity on board.

With the capability of hosting nearly 2000 passengers at any one time in addition to just under 700 crew members, the Empress is no small cruise ship and for anyone that wants to have a wide array of facilities on board then the ship is one of the best in this regard.

The ship has 10 public decks so is slightly smaller than some of the others in the Pullmantur fleet however it does not feel like it suffers from overcrowding or a lack of amenities on board. There are 6 bars and restaurants on the ship that serve up a variety of different meals and drinks.

As Pullmantur is a Spanish based company, there is a distinct Mediterranean flavour about most of the food however it features the same restaurant as the Sovereign ship (Wú Fusion) that offers Far East and Asian food. It also offers a buffet style dining area for less formal and casual dining in addition to several bars where you can relax and enjoy the ocean views.


Relaxation is the key to any holiday and especially while you are on board a cruise ship. Given that the places you visit are only for a short time and you want to see as much as possible, your time upon the ship should be completely stress free.

On the Empress there is a wide range of leisure activities from simply lying back in the solarium to pampering yourself with the beauty salon and spa on board, there is an abundance of activities to unwind. Indeed, for the more active passengers there are climbing walls and a fitness centre and gym.

The great thing about sailing on the Empress is that you can choose how active or relaxed you want your free time to be on board.

The Empress cruise ship has certainly changed its route since it moved to Pullmantur. It used to travel to the Caribbean and Central America however now it is taking in the wonders of Northern Europe. By incorporating an abundance of on board facilities while navigating along one of the more popular cruise routes in Europe then it is becoming a major asset to the Pullmantur cruise line.

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