Pullmantur Monarch

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pullmantur monarch

The Monarch has been sailing the seas for over 20 years now since its maiden voyage in November 1991 and has covered countless miles since then usually to the Caribbean.

The ship was part of Royal Caribbean cruises before it switched over to Spanish based operators Pullmantur in 2013. With destinations such as Venezuela, Panama and Colombia on the itinerary for the Monarch then it gives a characteristically exotic flair to your cruise holiday.

The ship itself is well known for being a popular liner amongst passengers first on Royal Caribbean and, more recently, with Pullmantur. The abundance of bars and restaurant’s on board means that passengers are never stuck for somewhere to go and can visit a new one almost every night that they are on their cruise.

This ranges from the buffet style restaurant on deck 11 if you want a quick bite to eat to a more elaborate and formal setting with Claude’s Dining Room on deck 4. With the locations that you are visiting then you will get to see some beautiful scenery and sunsets during your cruise holiday and the Viking Crown Lounge which is found at the very top of the ship provides an opportunity for this.

The Monarch is also about leisure and relaxation as well. The spa and fitness center onboard the Monarch is one particular highlight. With many different kinds of massages and beauty treatments for men and women as well as a range of fitness equipment which you can use while staring over the vast ocean in front of you, the activities on board the ship are extensive.

The Monarch also has a salt water pool, a solarium, rock climbing facilities and also 2 kids clubs for children from 6 years old to 11.


There are cabins to suit all kinds of budgets and needs on the ship as well. This includes smaller cabins on the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8th decks which are great if you don’t intend on spending too much time in them to larger suite cabins on the upper decks designed for more luxurious living. Indeed, the majestic Royal Suite is the pick of the bunch as it includes separate living and bedroom areas as well as a balcony.

Embarking on your next cruise holiday and deciding where to go can be difficult due to the large number of options available. One thing is for sure and that is the Monarch cruise ship remains one of the most popular cruise liners on the sea’s today.

The great thing about ships like this is that you can choose what kind of holiday you want: it can be full of activities and exercise or it can be relaxing and leisure – in fact, you can have a combination of both when you sail around the South and Central American seas.

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